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I HAVE BEEN INFORMED that, as a result of deregistering as a member-customer of CONSUM, which I am processing, the enclosed documents (Identification document/Death certificate, in each case) are going to be transferred to BBVA, the bank entity that issues the CONSUM PAYMENT CARD, for them to manage the cancellation of the bank contract which, on the occasion of my deregistration as Member-Customer, entails. In turn, BBVA has informed me that if, on the date of cancellation, there were an outstanding balance for the use of the Consum Card, I can return it under the conditions as to date.

Your request to eliminate the link may lead to changes with respect to your Family Unit that may alter your regular relationship as Member-Customer. If this is the case, our Customer Support team will contact you to inform you of this aspect. If you have doubts or require clarification, you can contact Customer Support at 900 500 126.

Both the Main Member and the Requesting Member must, prior to requesting this link, be Consum Member-Consumers. If this is not the case, come to one of our stores and complete the respective application form, or process your registration online at You can only form part of a single family unit, so if you are already linked to another family unit, this application will mean removing the link from the family unit you previously formed part of, to be able to form part of a new family unit with the main member indicated on this form.

To attend to this request, it will be essential for you TO ENCLOSE PHOTOCOPY OF THE FRONT AND BACK OF YOUR DNI/NIE/PASSPORT to support your identity.

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